Time Management Tips: You Need to Know About

  1. What is time management?

  2. Which are the various time-wasting culprits?

  3. What are the four steps for effective time management?

  4. How can we plan and organize our day-to-day activities?

  5. How can we prioritize tasks?

  6. How can we control our activities and time?

  7. What is the benefit of tracking our activities?

  8. Give some examples of good time management.

  9. Why do we need time management? Or What are the various benefits of time management?

  10. How making a daily timetable reduces anxiety?

  11. How time management results into better achievement of goals?

  12. What are the various implications of poor time management?

  13. How poor time management increases our stress level?

  14. How poor time management adversely affects our reputation?

  15. What are the various time management tips to be more productive?

  16. Why should we learn to say “No”?

  17. Whether we should include time for tea breaks, net surfing, personal calls and so on while preparing daily schedule? If yes, why?

  18. Whether should we indulge in multitasking?

  19. Do you agree that social media is a big distraction?

  20. Can we use waiting time productively?

  21. How to prioritize tasks?

  22. Do you agree with the statement that if we want to be successful in life, then we need to manage our time? If yes, give reasons.

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Time Management Tips: You Need to Know About