The technique of painting with acrylic ink on canvas

Hello everyone! My name is Veronika Kryukova, I am an artist. My works are inspired by the idea of creating a special atmosphere for people who appreciate privacy and tranquility.

I appreciate freedom. I like to let go of the painting process and watch what happens. That’s how my free and intuitive technique for working with acrylic ink was born. There is no right and wrong in it. There are no meticulous paint strokes and tense hand movement.

Looking at my ink works, it may seem to you that I am in full control of the process, and the result was expected, but this is not the case. I only partially manage the process. Water will do the rest 🙂

Working with ink resembles a meditative process. And I want to share this art with you. Release the control. Feel it. Relax.

The course consists of two large blocks. There are five videos in total.

1/ The first block (it consists of the first four lectures) includes everything you need to know about the properties of acrylic ink, about materials, tools and mediums, about tricks and techniques of technique, as well as about the search for personal freedom of the artist and his style.

2/ The second block (fifth lecture) is the practical part, the quintessence of the previous block. Here you will learn how to create free atmospheric painting from the very beginning, step by step. And then you will create your own painting.

*At the moment, the tutorial has subtitles in several languages. Please let me know if yours is not in it and I will add it.

See you later!

40 Seconds About The Tutorial

Materials and tools

Paints, brushes and mediums

You will learn how to choose the right materials: acrylic ink, mediums, brush material and shape.

Canvas and paper

We will talk about the choice of canvases and paper. So what to choose: canvas, canvas on cardboard or paper?

My 15 secrets

Tricks in painting with acrylic ink

I will tell you about 15 tricks that will help you decide on the environment, show you 4 techniques of applying acrylic, which I used in my paintings.

I will also tell you about the proper drying of the painting and how easy it is to wash off what you have so easily soiled.

You will learn:

- Why I use water as a medium
- The ratio of ink and water when mixing
- Four ink application techniques
- Tricks: what should be on your desktop and how to clean surfaces and tools from ink
- Drying the canvas

Personal freedom of the artist

How to find your own style and respond to criticism from others

You will learn how to deal with other people's criticism and what happens if you follow it. Does everyone like creativity and is it worth seeking approval from others? And where to find the answer to the most important question: how to find your style?

Create a deep atmospheric painting

Tutorial on the technique of painting with acrylic ink

This part is the quintessence of the previous sections. It combines and embodies all knowledge.

Here you will learn how to create free atmospheric painting from the very beginning, step by step. And then, you will create your own painting.

I use a ready-made cotton canvas on a stretcher with an acrylic primer.
I mix them only with pure water. That's really all.
I use Amsterdam ink, Royal Talens company, Netherlands.
You need to prepare: Basic - Acrylic ink (not alcohol ink) - Canvas on a stretcher or on cardboard (I have a size of 50*50 cm, you can choose any) Auxiliary - Soft synthetic brushes - round (size 08) and flat (size 80). These are approximate sizes, you can use the brushes that you already have - Ink mixing tank - A glass of water for rinsing brushes - Paper napkins - A well-absorbent cloth, for example, cotton or microfiber - Spray bottle with clean water - A hair dryer

Hi! I'm glad you came in :)I'll take you through the whole course like a good friend. Are you ready?

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The technique of painting with acrylic ink on canvas