Strategic Business Planning: Strategy Implementation

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These course aims to provide users with the opportunity to develop and enhance their skills and knowledge in the field of Strategic Business Planning. The module includes the following topics: General Operation Planning; Routine Actions: Processes, Procedures & Communication; External Prospects & Internal Resources Gap Comparison; and the Critical Success Factors.

Once a strategy has been formulated, processes and procedures need to be devised to ensure it is properly implemented. The strategy is about how an organisation will achieve its goals; the implementation process is about how the strategy will be enacted. Strategic implementation is the next step for successful executions. Sergio emphasised that even a ‘masterfully formulated strategy becomes useless if not well implemented’. The Implementation is the key determinant of success or failure that is deeply connected to the formulation process, and the functioning and structure of the organization.

Upon the completion of this module, users will be able to:
• Understand the theoretical and practical knowledge of strategic business planning to generate solutions to improve current practice.
• Examine the key challenges faced by strategic business planners and conceptualize a strategic response to overcome these challenges.
• Critically analyze information and utilises strategic business planning tools, improve problem-solving and decision-making abilities to achieve a competitive advantage within an organisation.


Up to 2 Hours

• No prerequisites.
• No materials distributed.
• No formal assessments required.


Strategic Business Planning

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Strategic Business Planning: Strategy Implementation
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