Rock Music Production For TV/Film & Video Games

Welcome to the COMPLETE Rock Music Production For TV/Film & Video Games Guide!


This is a course created for the typical individual who is willing to take their musical journey and grow it into something greater.

Whether you are a practicing musician, guitarist, or ambitious producer, this lesson is excellent for you.

As music producers, we are continuously striving for greater, fresher, and more distinct tones – we want to attain the same level of power, intensity, and excitement as the iconic guitarists who inspired us to begin making music.

I will share my insights and walks you through the whole process of creating professional new tones.


Get INSTANT ACCESS To A Step-By-Step Guide  of Producing, Mixing & Mastering Videos To Help You Get  Major Placements in TV Shows & Movies

Once you have completed this course, you will soon be able to produce amazing Rock Tracks, and sounds like you could hardly need to modify them in the mix!

In this class, we will cover:

– How To Create Licensable Tracks For TV Shows, Movies, Commercials & Games

– Producing Rock Music Tracks

– How to design your own professional, signature sound from scratch

– How To Compose Riffs

– Entire process of finding and creating new tones

– Bouncing Cut Downs, Stems & Alt-Mixes

– How to Create A Definite Ending of The Track – Ready for Licensing!

– How To Mix & Master For TV/Film

– Selecting High-Quality Sounds & Plugins

– Create Massive Rock/Metal Tones

– Making Your Musical Imagination A Reality

– Programming Rock Drums / Ninja Level

– Master The Art Of Guitars Layering

– Getting Gigs as a Music Producer

– Building a Portfolio / Catalog

– Finding Filmmakers/ Music Supervisors




Do you have any queries regarding how to make rock music?

Are you unsure if the course will be beneficial to you?

If you ask a question, I will answer it. I’d be delighted to talk with you about your priorities and how the Rock Music Production For TV/Film & Video Games Course may help you achieve them.


Introduction to the course

Rock Music Production Basics

The Fundamentals of Riffs And Chords Programming
Melodies And Lead Articulations
Advanced Riffs And Rhythms Programming

The Principles of Producing Rock Music for Tv/Films & Games

Introduction and Sound Selection For Your First Rock Session
Ideas To Start Composing And Producing
Techniques For Tracking Guitars
Techniques For Layering Guitars
Drums Programming And Sound Selection
How to Create Distinct Ending
Creating Finals, Cutdowns And Alt-Mixes

Mixing and Mastering Techniques

Mixing Rock Music
EQ – Rock Guitars for Essence, Clarity, and Depth
Mastering Rock Music

Geting Your Career Started

Building Portfolio
Finding Filmmakers and Music Supervisors
Working For Free

Wrap Up

Wrap Up & Thank You
Bonus Lecture
- Windows or Mac Computer - Fundamental knowledge of your DAW / Logic, Maschine, Ableton, Cubase etc. - NO Music theory/composing knowledge required - Willing to do the challenging tasks throughout the course - Optional MIDI keyboard
- Anyone interested in learning music composition. - Anyone with a basic understanding of music theory - Anyone with an interest in music licensing - Songwriters - Composers - Musicians - Anyone who is focused on the development of rock music

Learn How to Make Riffs, Produce and Create LICENSABLE Rock Tracks for For TV/Film And Video Games


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Rock Music Production For TV/Film & Video Games
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