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Realist Oil Painting Techniques Secrets

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This oil painting video course will allow you improve your painting skills, by learning how to draw shapes with accuracy, paint with precision and to create color harmony in your art using classical oil painting techniques.

This video course consists of several, step-by-step lessons completing one still life oil painting that you see in this picture.

In this class you’ll see me paint a still life using traditional oil painting techniques, such as:

  • glazing
  • grisaille (indirect painting)
  • painting in full color
  • I walk you through every step of the painting process that include:
    • preparatory drawing
    • underpainting
    • using grays to neutralize chroma (color brightness)
    • painting in full color
    • painting textures (in a shell)
    • painting glass (in a blue vase)

    I also include a step-by-step guide (pdf file) that complements the videos. Download it!

  • This class is for:This class is for both serious beginners and more advanced students who already have good understanding of drawing in color, and wish to proceed to the next step – oil painting. 

About this course

Introduction & step-by step guide
PDF step-by-step guide

Still life painting of glass and seashell

Set up, drawing & image transferal
Grisaille (Painting in black and white) part 1
Grisaille part 2: textures & details
Glazing & painting in full color
Thank you notes

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Enrolled: 1480 students
Course duration: 1.15 hrs
Lectures: 8
Level: All levels


Realist Oil Painting Techniques Secrets