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Online Transactions: Step by Step Guide

1. What is the meaning of online transactions?

2. What are the various stages involved in online transactions?

3. What is online shopping process from a customer’s standpoint?

4. What is meant by COD in online transactions?

5. What is the meaning of digital cash?

6. What do you know about mobile wallets?

7.What are the various advantages of online transactions?

8.What are the disadvantages of online transactions?

9.What are the features of online transactions?

10. What is Online Transaction Number?

11. What do you understand by OTP?

12. Is it possible to cancel an online transaction after the payment has been made?

13. Why does a transaction fail while doing an online payment?

14. What are the risks involved in online transactions?

15. Write a note on the following in relation to online transactions:

(i)Transaction risks

(ii) Data storage and transmission risks

(iii) Threat to intellectual property and privacy risks

16. What are the safety tips we should follow while doing online transactions?

17. Why should we use strong passwords?

18.  How can we make strong passwords?

19. Why should not we use public computers for online transactions?

20. How can we recognize that the particular site is secure for online transactions?

Online transactions- Meaning and stages
Online transactions- Advantages, Disadvantages and features
Risks involved in online transactions and related terms
Safety tips to follow while doing online transactions

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Online Transactions: Step by Step Guide