How To Play The Drums In Ten Easy Steps

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This easy to achieve drumming course is designed for the absolute beginner and those who play already and seek to further develop their understanding and skills.  

Are you learning to play drum kit?
Do you ever feel stuck with what to practise when you sit down to play your drum kit?
– Do you wish you had someone to coach you to become really good at drumming?
– Do you wish you had a clear understanding of what you need to play to make great progress?
– Would clear drumming goals, practise examples and an easy to follow simple method, inspire and motivate you to play better drums?

This Online Drum Course For Beginners Will Help You: – Understand The Most Important Drumming Skills To Focus On – With Support To Make Fast Progress Learning Drums – Build A Clear Understanding Of How To Play Drum Kit – Gain The Control Of Drumming That Will Build Your Confidence

Issues That ‘How To Play The Drums In Ten Easy Steps’ Will Address: – To Handle The Challenge Of Making Continuous Progress – How To Deal With Any Self Doubts – Building Your Confidence As A Drummer Today

This Progressive Method Drumming Course Will Guide You With: – Proper Grip And Posture For Learning Drums – Skills For The Most Useful Basic Drum Rudiments – Understanding Drum Notation And How To Read Drum Charts – Understanding The Structure Of Different Drum Rhythms

Specific Sections On Playing Different Music Styles: Learning to play the Basics of Rock, Funk, Blues and Latin.
Understanding time signatures and how to play them. Learning how to develop your own ideas and your own playing style.

Specific Sections On Developing Drumming Skills: Play the drum kit using 4way co-ordination. How to develop snare and bass drum variations. Increase your speed and stamina. Discover your sense of excitement as you feel your capability and confidence build.

What The Experts Say About ‘How To Play The Drums In Ten Easy Steps’:
“I’ve been looking for a book that explains drum beats, music notation, and counting systems in an uncomplicated way. Steve has made it as easy as possible for any beginner to gain a good knowledge of playing the drums and reading music. I highly recommend it for all new players.”
– Ross Elder; Professional drummer and Drum Kit & Percussion Tutor.

“This book helps students be self motivated and to develop their own style – it’s great.”
– Sam Kelly; International Drummer and Educator. Voted Best UK Blues Drummer of the Year.

“Your books are methodical and progressive. I like the carefully graded feel to them and the fact that these books are easily achievable cover to cover by most beginners.”
– Colin Woolway; International drummer, Author of Drumsense books.

A Personal Note From Steve The Course Tutor:
This interactive online course version of an No 1 Best Selling drum book is the result of my 35 years experience as a drumming coach and teacher. It helps hundreds of students learn to successfully play the drums, using the practical knowledge of my 40 years as an International professional drummer.
I know the experience first-hand of learning to play the drum kit, especially for beginners and the whole subject and how to solve the problems that can sometimes seem a mystery. Enjoy the journey!

Section 1 Welcome To The World of Drumming

Introduction Lesson. The Important Benefits of Warming Up, Correct Grip and Good Posture

This interactive online course is a  digital version of the No 1 Best Selling drum tuition book and is the result of my 30 years experience as a drumming coach and teacher. It has helped thousands of students learn to successfully play the drums, using the practical knowledge of my 35 years as an International professional drummer.I know the experience first-hand of learning to play the drum kit, especially for beginners. This course shares all of my experience in the whole subject of playing the drums and how to easily solve the problems that can sometimes seem a mystery to those who are starting out on the learning journey. Enjoy the process of becoming an accomplished drummer.

Section 2 The Foundations Of Drumming - You will learn the fundamentals and how drumming works

Lesson 1: The Fundamentals Of Understanding Drumming
Lesson 2 Playing around the Kit
Lesson 3 Playing with Both Hands and Both Feet
Lesson 4 Playing a 1/4, 1/8th and 1/16th Note Rhythms Across the Drums

Section 3 Establishing A Clear Understanding Of Rhythms And Fills - You will also gain a clear understanding of how rhythm and fills work together whilst playing a complete 1/16 bar piece with dynamics.

Lesson 5 Learning Structure and How to Play Bars of Rhythms and Bars of Fills
Lesson 6 Using the hi Hats and Ride Cymbal and Adding a 4 Bar ‘drum solo’.
Lesson 7 Using ‘Dynamics’ to Create Texture with our Drumming
Lesson 8 Funky Bass Drum Beats

Section 4 Combinations of Drum Notes and New Rhythm Patterns -  Combinations of drum notes and developing new rhythm patterns using parts of 16th notes

Lesson 9 New Group Patterns Derived from 16th Notes
Lesson 10 More Group Patterns Derived from 16s and Playing the ‘Rumba Rhythm’.

Section 5 Playing a Samba Rhythm and Opening the Hit Hat to Get Sound Variations - High hat opening is used a lot in drumming and has a great effect in many styles of music. It's a drumming skill well worth developing.

Lesson 11 Using your Left Foot Now and Opening the Hi Hats
Lesson 12 A new ‘Cha, Cha, Cha’ Rhythm with a technique that Can be Used in Many Styles of Music.

Section 6 Different Time Signatures in Music and How to Play Them on the Drums - The time signature tells us how many

Lesson 13 Learning to play in a new time signature – playing in 3:4 time.

Section 7 Introducing Triplets and the 'swing' effect they have in music - Triplets are three beats playing the space of two they're joined by one beam at the top and have a figure 3 over them. They add 'swing' to the rhythm.

Lesson 14 Learn how to play triplets in 12:8 and the ‘Shuffle’ rhythms

Section 8 Playing 16s Rhythms on the High Hat and Adding Syncopation - You will be further studying funk drumming with 16ths on the hi-hat evolving to create great-sounding grooves. This is high-level playing in the funk style. Upon completing this lecture you will be able to get down with the groove.Learning to combine various styles.

Lesson 15 Playing 16th note high hat rhythms give us the ‘Funk’ groove.

Section 9 How to Play Along to Backing Tracks - You will learn how to put all that you have learned during the course into the ultimate performance showing the skills and confidence you have gained from your efforts and being able to creatively and confidently play every performance with flair

Lesson 16 How you can play along to backing tracks.

Section 10 It's time for you to play drums along to a backing track - It takes practise to play along with a band. Maybe at first you can just play a basic rhythm all the way through and just stay in time with the music.

Lesson 17 Now it’s your turn to play along to Show Time – Keep it simple!

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How To Play The Drums In Ten Easy Steps
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