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Forms of Business Organisation Part-2 Cooperative Societies

In this course, we will discuss:

1. What is meant by a Cooperative Society?

2. What are the various features of a Cooperative Society?

3. What is the condition regarding minimum number of members to form a Cooperative Society?

4. What is done if any surplus is generated as a result of operations of Cooperative Society?

5. What is the benefit if a Cooperative Society gets registered?

6. Membership is open to all in case of a Cooperative Society. Comment.

7. The liability of members of a Cooperative Society is limited. Comment.

8. What are the various merits of a Cooperative Society?

9. Each member in Cooperative Society is entitled to equal voting rights. Comment.

10. How a Cooperative Society is able to bring economy in its operations? Write a few lines.

11. A Cooperative Society has a stable existence. Discuss.

12. Why and how a Cooperative Society gets Government Support?

13. It is easy to form a Cooperative Society in India. Comment.

14. How does a cooperative society exemplify democracy and secularism? Explain.

15. What are the limitations of a Cooperative Society?

16. Why a Cooperative Society is unable to attract and employ expert managers?

17. Why the resources of a Cooperative Society are limited?

18. Why it is difficult for a Cooperative Society to maintain secrecy about its operations?

19. How the Government controls the functioning of Cooperative Society?

20. Why does it happen sometimes that general body members stop taking interest in the working of the Cooperative Society?

21. Why there is lack of motivation among the honorary office bearers of the Cooperative Society?

22. What are the various types of Cooperative society on the basis of the nature of their operations?

23. What is the purpose of Consumers’ Cooperative Societies?

24. How Producers’ Cooperative Society protects the interest of small producers?

25. How Credit Cooperative Society protects its members from the exploitation of big lenders?

26. How a Marketing Cooperative Society helps small producers in selling their products?

27. What is the purpose of Cooperative Housing Societies?

Forms of Business Organisation Part-2 Cooperative Societies

Cooperative Society- Meaning and Features
Merits of Cooperative Society
Limitations of a Cooperative Society
Types of Cooperative Societies

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Forms of Business Organisation Part-2 Cooperative Societies