Facts Behind Corporate Social Responsibility

1. What is Social Responsibility?

2. What is Corporate Social Responsibility?

3. What is the meaning of Individual Social Responsibility?

4. What are the different areas of Corporate Social Responsibility?

5. Why the concept of CSR is gaining importance?

6. What are the main types of corporate social responsibility?

7. What is meant by Economic Responsibility?

8. What are the various aims of economic responsibility initiatives?

9. What are the issues which are mainly covered by ethical responsibility?

10. Philanthropic responsibility may take different forms. Mention a few of those forms.

11. What is meant by Legal Responsibility?

12. Why is corporate social responsibility important?

13. What are the different ways by which the companies can implement socially responsible practices?

14. What is the meaning of corporate philanthropy?

15. CSR initiatives are taken by a large number of organizations world over. Give a few examples of socially responsible corporations.

16. Whether CSR activities are mandatory for companies in India? Please elaborate.

17. How much net profit has to be spent by specified companies in India on CSR activities?

18. Whether activities meant exclusively for employees and their families qualify under CSR in India?

19. In which year, the mandatory CSR provision was made applicable in India?

20. Give a few examples of socially responsible companies in India.

21. Is it true that CSR activities help in reducing employee turnover of the organization?

22. Do you agree that CSR activities are in the long-term interest of the organization. If yes, write a few lines.

23. What are the various benefits of CSR?

24. CSR activities make your business attractive to investors and increases customer loyalty. Discuss.

25. What are the various limitations of corporate social responsibility?

26. Why the critics say that CSR initiatives are a burden on consumers?

27. How CSR activities can be used by some organizations to distract public attention away from their harmful business practices? Give example.

28. What are the different points on which CSR initiatives are being criticized?

29. Is corporate social responsibility mandatory world over?

30. Whether Scientists and Engineers owe any social responsibility?


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Facts Behind Corporate Social Responsibility