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Business Services -Banking Business Studies

In this course, we will discuss:


1.What is the meaning of Services?

2. What are the five basic features of services? Or

What are the five Is of services?

3.What is the difference between Service and Goods?

4. What are the three broad categories of services?

5. What is meant by Business Services?

6. Write a note on Social services.

7. What is the meaning of Banking?

8. What are the various types of Banks?

9. What is difference between Public sector Banks and Private sector Banks?

6. What are the various functions of Commercial Banks?

10. What is meant by Demand Draft, Bank Overdraft, Cash credit and Discounting of Bills?

11. What is difference between Bearer cheque and Crossed cheque?

12. What is the difference between Recurring Deposit account and Fixed deposit account?

13. What is the meaning of e-banking?

14. What are the benefits of e-banking to the customers and also to the banks?

15. What are the main types of digital payments?

16. What is the meaning of POS terminals?

17. What is the meaning of NEFT, RTGS and IMPS?

18. What is the difference between ATM and micro ATM?

19. What is the meaning of Internet Banking?

Business Services -Banking Business Studies

Services – meaning and features
Difference between Services and Goods, Meaning of Banking and Types of Banks
Functions of Commercial Banks, Types of Bank Accounts
e-Banking- meaning and benefits, main types of digital payments

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Business Services -Banking Business Studies