Add WOW To Your Paintings!

Learn to Paint with Confidence & Greatly Improve Your Paintings.

Acquire skills to fix painting issues fast! View your paintings with a keen eye, and sharpen how you see images. You will learn to improve the viewing movement and depth in your painting, make your work viewer responsive, and fill your creative toolbox with a lifetime of techniques! Achieve exciting images using Nancy’s distinctive method of eye choreography, and watch your paintings transform from good to great. You will NOT find this information anywhere else – in art schools or other online art classes. Bring more attention to your work and expand your audience. Realistic or abstract. Oil, watercolor, acrylic, mixed media & photography – all painting mediums and styles will benefit.

Instructor’s note: for intermediate and advanced painters – consider up-leveling your expertise by taking Nancy’s master course The Art of Painting Beyond Technique instead for more in depth study on painting concepts. This professional course includes many more videos, information and complexity made especially for artists that want to improve fast and/or go professional by selling your work. Shrink that learning curve and master painting in record time! This course beats years of art school training.

The Course - Add WOW To Your Paintings!

Course Overview and Preview

Introduction and overview of course.

Chapter 1 – How to Improve Paintings
1 minute, 51 seconds

How to see paintings with a keen eye. How to improve a painting's viewing movement and depth.

Download Course Book

Download this book to accompany your course.

Chapter 2 – It’s Too Yellow
21 minutes, 29 seconds

Discover the importance of seeing color as values or tones, and how to use them to create interest in your painting. How to avoid adding too much yellow by setting up a palette with more choices of light values.

Chapter 3 – It’s Too Boring
30 minutes, 10 seconds

Learn how to create the illusion of spatial depth in an image to enhance its "eye choreography" and deepen the viewing experience. Tips to make your painting even more exciting!

Chapter 4 – It’s Too Busy
24 minutes, 19 seconds

Learn the magic of balancing positive and negative spaces in your images for optimal compositions. Tips to prevent your paintings from feeling overly crowded or too busy.

Chapter 5 – It’s Too Flat
16 minutes, 25 seconds

Learn more ways to enhance the illusion of space by varying paint color.

Chapter 6 – It’s Too Dull
7 minutes, 33 seconds

Learn the idea of opposites - the ultimate trick to resolve painting issues and include exciting visuals in your work. How to change an image from dull to fabulous!

Chapter 7 – Conclusion
28 seconds

Concluding remarks from your instructor. Remember to read the course book, Create Perfect Paintings, included as a pdf with this course. Practice with one of your paintings, and take it through The Viewing Game in Section 3 of the course book.

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Add WOW To Your Paintings!
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