vggfvvc Hello My Name is Laurie,  (Below see attached a Video of how I implemented the skills on this course […]
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1. What is the meaning of stress? 2. How do we know we are stressed? or What are the various […]
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What is time management? Which are the various time-wasting culprits? What are the four steps for effective time management? How […]
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With Randall Travon Get Certified in 10 hours. This program will offer the education and certification to teach safe and effective exercise to a wi...
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What you’ll learn Pet Psychology and Behaviour (Dogs, Cats, and Rabbits) Pet Communication (Dogs, Cats, and Rabbits) Breeds of Pets […]
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What you’ll learn Learn Basics of Kundalini Learn Basics of Chakras Learn Basic Hand Mudras Learn Hand Mudras for Chakras […]
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I created this course for women who are looking to take action to improve their health and lives. This course […]
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If you feel stiff when you wake up or struggle to manage your energy throughout the day, now is the […]
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Among those features are gamification tools like points reward system, trial and group courses, assignments and lesson live streaming. You can lear...
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