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Difficult to find students and stay motivated teaching online?

Yes? Than you are in the right place

Imagine how it would feel to reach many students easily all around the world. We do all the promotions for you, and you can share the link of your page and add students too.

Decide how students will learn with you : videos, slides, etc. This is your place to reach artists, performers, athletes of all levels. Be an expert in your discipline, clear-minded, confident.

Join the community of instructors and students. Click on the button Become an Instructor at the top of the page or Start teaching today below and receive an Ebook upon acceptance.

  • Lesson Types

    Offline and Online classes
    Offline Videos
    Live Streams
    Zoom Integration
    Texts, pdfs, slides

  • Quizzes/Assignments

    Possibility to add quizzes and assignments
    Add timelapse in quizzes
    Quiz score
    Quizzes types

  • Course attachments

    Add texts, pdf, slides to your video classes

  • Course bundles/Zoom Store

    Possibility to sell course bundles (many courses and zoom recordings in our store)

  • Multi-language

    Teach in any language.
    Videos that are embedded with YouTube or Vimeo will be automatically translated in any language.

  • Messaging

    Private messaging service with students through the dashboard

  • Earnings

    See sales automatically and receive payment once per month or upon request

  • A user-friendly dashboard

    Course/Lessons management
    Course progress/Quiz results

  • Teacher profile page

    Certificate builder

You got the Qs? We got the A's.

You can teach in any language : English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Russian, Chinese, etc.

1-Click on Start teaching today.

2-Wait for approval by email.

3-It takes 72 hours for our team to take a look at your request.

4-Once accepted, you will get an email giving you the response for your request and a free ebook. If the request is not approved, we will give a detailed explanation.

For online classes, we recommend classes they last 5-8 minutes for each videos. 

  • Text/pff
  • Slides
  • Offline videos 
  • Live streams
  • Zoom 

We give you the opportunity to include quizzes and assignments to evaluate the progress of students and even certificates.

As soon as you are approved, you will have access to your account that will show the possibility to upload your course, and see your sales  and revenue automatically. 

All information on the Artsiki website is confidential and will stay on the Artsiki website. Only students who have subscribed to your class will have access to your content.

Revenue share is 80% for each sales for the instructors. Though if you upload classes within one week, you receive an extra 10% with an affiliate link so 90% in total each time a purchase is done with the link that can be used to promote your classes. The rest goes to improve our services, our server and our passionate team.

You can write us any time at We answer within 72 hours.