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Fine arts
Graphic Design
Martial Arts
Personal Development
Social Media
7 hours and 15 minutes
$89 $46
Groundbreaking ideas to refine and inspire your artistic vision. Learn Nancy’s comprehensive and systematic critique method to improve and en...
16 Lectures
7 hours and 15 minutes
Hello everyone! My name is Veronika Kryukova, I am an artist. My works are inspired by the idea of creating […]
All levels
6 Lectures
42 min
Business Planning
2 Hours
$19.99 $9.99
COURSE DESCRIPTION: These course aims to provide users with the opportunity to develop and enhance their skills and knowledge in […]
All levels
1 Lectures
2 Hours
$19.99 $9.99
Music Production
2 Hours
$19 $14
This course stresses on the importance of being a beatmaker behind music theory knowledge! When you’re a beatmaker, all you […]
10 Lectures
2 Hours
102 minutes
$29 $15
Learn to Paint with Confidence & Greatly Improve Your Paintings. Acquire skills to fix painting issues fast! View your paintings […]
All levels
9 Lectures
102 minutes
Music Production
2.30 Hours
$100 $35
Welcome to the COMPLETE Rock Music Production For TV/Film & Video Games Guide!   This is a course created for […]
19 Lectures
2.30 Hours
You will learn what are proteins  and their role in athletes health and performance. Course will cover subjects  such as  […]
21 Lectures
1h 37 mins

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